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The 2nd Street-in-Grid (SinG) Modeling Symposium and the 3rd SinG Model Training Workshop

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24/06/2019 09:00 - Champs-sur-Marne, France


Air pollution causes 7 million death per year globally (1/8 of total global deaths) and is now the single largest environmental health risk, particularly in megacities and other urban areas where more than half of the world’s total population lives. Rapid population growth and urbanization worldwide accelerate eco-environmental/socio-economic stress as well as adverse climatic and health impacts on urban dwellers. Atmospheric modeling research has largely been performed on a horizontal grid spacing of 4-km or larger due to a lack of understanding of the local-scale phenomena, appropriate parameterizations, and adequate modeling tools and computer resources. Urban/local street level air pollution, climate change, and their impacts on population exposure and human health have increasingly received attentions by both researchers and policy makers around the world. Recognizing the urgent need for scientific advancement, pollution/exposure assessment, policy-making, and public health protection at urban/local scales, we are pleased to announce that the 2nd Street-in-Grid (SinG) Modeling Symposium and the 3rd SinG Model Training Workshop will be jointly held in Champs-sur-Marne, a suburb region of Paris, France during June 24-28, 2019. The SinG symposium and training workshop aim at advancing scientific understanding of local scale atmospheric phenomena, promoting state-of-the-science urban-street level modeling tools for complex interactions among urban air pollution, climate, and health, and building a high-level platform for scientists, engineers, managers, and government officials worldwide to review recent science and modeling advancement, identify research priority and direction, tackle technological and computational challenges, and provide scientific foundation for air pollution control policies and actions towards environment and human health protection. The SinG model training workshop will also provide hands-on training for a state-of-the-science SinG modeling system to students, postdoctoral researchers, and professionals.

- Street-in-Grid model development and application
- Urban/street level air quality and climate modeling
- Urban traffic emissions and impact on air quality and human health
- Urban canopy, heat island, and boundary layer modeling
- Urban climate extreme: heat waves, stagnation, and compound extreme events

Important Dates
- Deadline for abstract submission: April 29, 2019
- Acceptance notice to be sent by May 6, 2019
- Registration: March 8-June 24, 2019

Abstract Submission and Registration
We will accept abstracts during March 8-May 11, 2019. The registration will be open during March 8-June 24, 2019. The registration fees for the 1-day symposium and the 4-day SinG model training are shown below. Please register at For questions regarding the registration and symposium/workshop, please contact Dr. Youngseob Kim at


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